Edible delectables

Do you know about this website? You should.
Do you know about this website? You should.
I’ll be making these for all our neighbors this year around the holidays and I’ll be making this all for myself, so don’t touch it. Keep your paws at a safe distance. If they get in the way I’m not responsible for the loss of your limbs.
Any who – putting cannibalism aside, both of those sites are worth checking out and if you like to be in the kitchen … well – just remember who referred you to the site. I accept samples of all food and gifts of gratitude in the form of edible delectables.
And yes, dairy has made it’s nasty way back into my diet. It’s because I’m pregnant. (hi John!)

One thought on “Edible delectables

  1. How do I sign up to be one of your neighbors ;-)? Thanks for the great site tip, I might try my hand at those cinnamon rolls myself. Wow, cinnamon is one of those words that doesn’t look like it’s spelled correctly …

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