Pregnant dreams

I suppose it’s time I go there. The dreams. The pregnant dreams. They’re vivid, lets just say that.
Last night I finally had a dream containing a baby and a lot of my Washington family members. At one point I boarded a plane with a few other people I knew in my dream but have no idea who they are awake – and the plane took off … on the ground. We drove to Chicago to get our connecting flight in an airplane … on the road. No one notices this in the dream of course until we’re like half way there. Obviously.
Once we get to Washington (the rest of the journey is a mystery to me, we just end up there) I start talking to one of my aunts about herself, then I find out my sister has gone and taken an early flight home. So here I am with a baby in Washington – staying in some makeshift mini apartment in someone’s attic.
The baby is a boy. And irresistibly adorable.
The dreams get weirder every week and um … the sex dreams? Don’t you dare say you didn’t have sex dreams when you were pregnant. It’s like your body is remembering how you got here in the first place. SEX!
Yes. I did just write that. And now I’m pushing publish.

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