I haven’t had many cravings yet with this pregnancy – I mean there’s been the urgent need for chocolate once or twice and the desire for a milk shake … but nothing that I just have to have, RIGHT NOW.
Oh but this is changing. I love me a Blimpie sandwich and will travel, and have traveled, a good 30 miles to eat one. Yes. Thinking about it is making me regret the spaghettio’s I had for dinner.
When I was pregnant with Jessica I craved fruit, lots and lots of fruit, very cold fruit. And water as if it were my dieing talent to drink the entire amount of water that is Lake Michigan. Ice cold, mind you.
I still have the water infatuation – very cold things to drink are my friend and have craved beer an awful lot this time around but am drinking Ginger Ale instead. Beer is just so delicious. Mmm, beer. I feel like Homer, just now.
I can eat eggs a little easier than I used to and toast is my staple in the morning but I really haven’t had anything crazy yet. I wanted mashed potatoes with bbq sauce constantly when I was pregnant with Jessica and maybe Blimpie’s is all of these weird manifestations rolled into one for me this time around. I don’t know. But it hasn’t been too interesting. Or demanding.
Which is wonderful considering my life outside the womb I’m keeping is very demanding.

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