Namesake booties

Jessica has some very adorable booties named after her. Please stop what you’re going and purchase these shoes for the newest little girl in your life – or the oldest. It’ll be a sentiment they enjoy forever.
Our friends are adopting a daughter from Ethiopia and all proceeds of the sales of these items are going towards the cost of the adoption. Pretty awesome, if you ask me.
I’ve boughten a blanket for the newest member in our extended family and had a hard time sending it out – I really wanted to keep it, but thats another story, I have a sad sickness for blankets. When our new little person makes their way into the world, they’ll own one too and probably a pair of booties to go with it. Especially if we’re having a girl – obviously she’ll have to own her big sister’s namesake booty – I mean, c’mon!
Christmas shopping for the babies in your life has never been easier! And AND! Your money is actually going to something other than a box-store’s bank account. Let’s make the children happy, shall we?
Sweet Baby Things, you won’t regret browsing šŸ™‚

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