Feeling movement

I’ve started to feel this baby kick and move this week. The past two weeks I’ve wondered if what I was feeling was the baby – it was different, however faint, than the normal feelings I was having in my lower abdomen but this week it’s definitely taken it up a notch. I am for sure feeling this little person move all over the place and he’s active!
Mostly when I’m sitting, of course, but some times when I’m walking around and that’s just so weird. I forgot what that feels like and how much I love it. This is one of my favorite parts about being pregnant.
Aaron’s Grandparents said they were hoping, for my sake, that we have a calm boy and I would have to say I hoped for the very same thing given how high energy everyone in this family is, but me. And I know that how much the baby is moving isn’t really an indication as to how they’ll be tempered outside of the womb, but still. It casts some doubts that we’ll produce a calm person, ever.
Jessica was a fantastic baby – didn’t cry alot, slept through the night easily, wasn’t demanding or needy. She was generally very happy, no matter what. And loved to eat. When she started moving around is when we got the clue that she had energy – and alot of it. She hasn’t stopped since.
So I suppose I won’t really know either way until our little bug starts moving and grooving on all fours. Which could be happening exactly a year from now. How weird is that?

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