It’s in the water

I know quite a few pregnant women right now – my sister-in-law and brother found out they were expecting a few days after we found out, and a couple girlfriends are all due right around that same time next year.
Today my brother and his wife found out they’re having a boy! YAY! We need boys in my family – right now there are 5 girls and 2 boys, this baby will make 3 boys and if we have a baby penis then it’ll almost even it out at 4. My dad is totally rooting for grandsons. I don’t blame him since all the grandsons live out of state. (Note to baby in womb … have a penis!)
Another girlfriend had her ultrasound today too and it’s just making me want to know so badly what we’re having. I’ve been unsure of wanting to know the sex, I just like not knowing, but hearing all this great news makes me want to know tomorrow 🙂
Our ultrasound is scheduled for Dec 24. I suppose we’ll just have to see what happens. I’ll probably change my mind 7 more times before then but Aaron really wants to know this time around and it would be fun to know so Jessica could officially call it a brother or sister. Although, she won’t really know the difference if it was a surprise.
Knowing the sex of the baby has become a pretty big non-issue for me, there are just too many other things for me to think about or try to decide to be bent out of shape one way or another. It just simply doesn’t matter to me these days.
We don’t have any names picked out – we haven’t even hardly talked about names. We’re just not consumed with this baby like we were with Jessica so we’ll probably zero in on atleast one side of the spectrum after the ultrasound. We won’t be announcing a name though – thats assuming we’ll have one picked out in time for the birth. Or it could be like the same situation with Jessica’s name – if she was a girl she was originally going to be named Onalee Ranae or Sveva Ranae and for a boy she was going to be Oliver Wayne – that all changed in the delivery room when we started talking about the names again and really loved the idea of naming the baby after Jessica (my cousin) if it was a girl.
SO…we’ll be mum about the name choices we come up with only because they’re subject to change at any moment and, personally, the idea of someone calling my stomach a name is a little repulsive to me. I don’t know why – it just creeps me out. It’s like someone calling my left breast Brenda because they heard it once in a bar and thought it was cute. No, no.
So congratulations to my brother and sister-in-law and girlfriend and husband!!! Yay for babies!

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