Winter window boxes

Do you have window boxes? I’ve been looking for something new to try with mine and finally decided to go with the evergreen look again when I came upon this great idea. I think I’ll give it a try if I get motivated. The only difference is the evergreens are free for me – I just trim one of the 3 Evergreens we have on our property and call it a day but I just love the look of those big white balls.
I finally got out some of our other holiday decorations along with a few boxes of all the baby things we packed up as Jessica grew out of it – so I’m having fun lallygagging down memory lane today.

2 thoughts on “Winter window boxes

  1. Hey Jodi ~ since I have a new window box this year ~ I have been looking for ideas too! Grandma Great has some holly bushes along the driveway she said I could cut and put in mine (you too!) and I saw a house at 48 W.32nd St. that had 3 little pine trees in theirs, simple, but elegant. But I love the white balls too ~ too many great ideas, and only one box…where’s Dad? I might need more boxes…

  2. yea I like the pine trees idea too but I’d have to keep them alive and I don’t have luck with that in the winter with the water freezing and everything. If you want to make the white snowballs together let me know – I think it’d be fun!

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