Great Finds

Since I’m in the market for a few new things I thought I’d share what I’ve found and how fabulous I think they are.
Bra’s. That’s right. Let’s just be honest here, I’m pregnant, soon to be nursing once again and am looking for something that will make me look and feel like the woman I am, not the milk machine I will become. A girlfriend recommended Bella Materna and more specifically, these. I have to tell you, I tried one on – heaven. It’s on my Christmas list this year so if I don’t get one under the tree I’ll be speed ordering them the hour after the wrapping paper is cleaned up.
When I was nursing Jessica I just had the run of the mill bra’s available from Target with the clips at the straps for nursing. They worked fine but made me look like an aged woman in that area … if you know what I mean. No support whatsoever, and the clasps were hard to manage at 2 and 4 am as I was half asleep and might as well have fed my child THROUGH the cotton bra. This would have been easier and less frustrating for both of us. Messy – but what isn’t at that stage of life?
Art decor for the wall? I’ve been hounding through Etsy pages for a while now and have found some favorites. I am in love with this print from SarahJaneStudios and I think I’ll be buying this for the new nursery no matter the sex of the baby. Did you see the baby elephant with the bunny? Did you not read the adorable little poem? Do you have a heart? I can’t get enough of it.
Also on Etsy are these earings and I do not know why, but I’m drawn to them like a moth is to a flame. I’m not a jewelery person, I don’t even wear make-up often but these make my heart soar a little bit.
And then, well, then there’s this – it’s a wall paper that acts as a frame for whatever you want. I love this idea. I love this design. I do not have a wall to put it on. Do you? Because I’ll come and pet it for you while you’re gone. I’ll pet it, and stroke it with a fleece blanket and keep her warm and cuddly while you’re at work. I’ll even put some photos or art work up for you while you’re away. Me and the Frames Wallpaper, we’re like this.

6 thoughts on “Great Finds

  1. yeah I figured out how to leave a comment! Hi friend! I luv the wallpaper for the baby! And if you need something for Jessica to do you can always come visit your fav mall employee! love ~Sarah

  2. I covet that bra. I remember far too well how much I hate nursing bras. Not hateD, hate … the feelings are still very much there, even a couple of months post nursing. I think I bought 10-15 nursing bras throughout that year, and halfway liked one of them. Maybe “tolerated” is more accurate. Anyways, thanks for the tip!

  3. Hi Sarah! I’ve thought more than once about coming out there this week but I don’t really want to sit in that play area for an hour … ooops. We’ll make a trip some time soon I’m sure. Jessica loves it.
    And she was just talking about you today šŸ™‚
    No prob, Jen! Thanks for the suggestions about things to do – I’ll look into the Allegan kids museum.

  4. Re: nursing bras. this isn’t the most supportive of nursing wear but i just received one and i LOVE it. it’s a nursing-camisole and great for the rather-be-comfy sort of days…and it covers your tummy so you don’t have to show off your midsection when you nurse out and about. šŸ™‚

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