Confusing family tree

Jessica has started asking questions about our parents. As in, Is Grandma Lady your mom? Is Nona your mom? To which I answer – yes. Grandma Lady is my mom like I’m your mom and Nona is my step mom.
This of course brings on more curiosity as to why I have 2 moms and one of them is called step mom. We’ve had this conversation many, many times – but it gets more confusing because Aaron’s parents are not divorced but Aaron’s mom’s parents are – so her great Grandparents are all over the place. Jessica has 17 living grandparents. Try to keep them straight.
We’ve told her that Grandpa and Grandma Lady are mom’s mom and dad and that when mom was a little girl they got divorced and later married other people, which is why mom has a step mom and step dad. And she only kind of understands this, as any 35 month old might, but it’s all very confusing. Because now my step dad is gone and instead of a step dad my mom has a Roger. Are you with me? Because I’m lost in this and somehow she keeps it straight.
Bless her little heart. Some day she’s going to have to do her family tree for school and we’re going to use an entire notebook of paper to make it work – but atleast she’ll know she’s loved.

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  1. The interesting thing is that by the time our girls get to school, their family trees will look “normal” compared to some of the other kids’.

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