Birthday cakes

I like to make cakes.
For Jessica’s 2nd birthday I made her a dinosaur cake in which she loved dearly.
For her first birthday I went way overboard and made her 2 cakes because she had 2 parties … one of the cakes took me 4 hours to make. I now know that how much time I spend on a cake doesn’t mean I love my kid more. Making everything by hand, and I mean everything, doesn’t mean she’ll get into a better college. The second cake I made took less time and I think I even used a mix (NO!) but I made all that frosting by myself. It was basically colored butter.
Well now her 3rd birthday is coming along (is she almost 3 already? Gosh.) and I’ve been looking online for some ideas for the cake this year. I stumbled upon this wonderful website (scroll on down) and now I just don’t know what kind of cake to make her.
Last year we let her pick out of a book I got to use when I was growing up. But I kind of want to surprise her this year with something she’ll just really love. Like a cake in the shape of a playground? Too much. I know. OOOOOOOOh – or a sledding hill? Now that would be easy. White frosting, some coconut. A figurine of a kid or even an ornament of a sledding kid. This could work.
She’s also in love with music, I could make her a cake that looked like a piano or microphone, I could do some animal like a horse or whale.
What would you most like to see? Not that it at all matters in the end because I’m making a cake for Jessica – but feel free to inspire me.

2 thoughts on “Birthday cakes

  1. I saw a GREAT picture for a “pool cake” in a magazine a while back. Given she loves the pool so much, that could be a fab idea. I’m pretty sure I saved the pic, I’ll look through my binder if you want to see it!

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