Getting going

It’s true. We are not keeping the TV. We’ve watched 2 movies on it and it just feels ridiculous to us – it just doesn’t fit in our house. Plus there’s this super annoying PG-13 emblem embedded on the picture. But mostly we just don’t need it.
So thats the news today. That and – either I’m just getting the 2nd trimester 3rd wind of energy or sleeping on less than a cumulative 7 hours in a 24 hour period is a super good thing for me. I’m a maniac at organizing and getting things cleaned and ready. Mostly in my office area, because let’s face it – it’s a disaster. This project would have normally taken me months, I like to stop in the middle of things often and forget about them but I’m plowing right through this. Getting rid of all our extra crap and really cleaning out my crafting closet and scrap booking bonanza days. Feels great.
I’ll most likely crash around 4 today and wonder what hit me … I also forget how to comprehend any thought bigger than 10 minutes from the past.

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