Sweet Dreams

Jessica didn’t have a nap today due to a busy morning and missing the “sweet spot” for getting her down when she’s tired. She usually fights the hell out of being tired or giving in to sleep but as I write this she’s fallen asleep on the couch.
I always wondered, when she was a baby, if she was going to be one of those kids who fell asleep in her highchair or pack-n-play while playing or eating. Part of me always wanted one of those photos because they’re just so darn cute – and she did fall asleep in her pack-n-play once about 15 minutes before we had to leave for one of her doctors appointments – so inevitably I had to wake her up to go. It never happened again.
She’ll sleep in the car like a dream, that’s not a problem at all – but once we’re home – if she’s not in her bed, there’s no chance of seeing those eyes closed for anything other than blinking or playing peek-a-boo … until now.

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