Birthday wishes for the man of my dreams

Happy birthday Aaron!
Today my husband turns 27. This age is sorta a joke for us – when we first got married I would bug him about being “almost 25, which was almost 27 which was almost 30” when we would talk about when to start having kids. Now we’re on our second baby and I couldn’t be more in love with him or proud of him.
Of course when I would bug him about “getting old” he would torture me about still being such a young chicken. Oh the fun. Aaron is a little less than 3 years older than me. It’s not hard to do the math, and I’m not that much of a young chicken. (In comparison, I realize that I really am)
Jessica hasn’t quite grasped the idea of some one else having a birthday because it doesn’t involve presents or a celebration just for her – she told us this morning that Daddy’s birthday was in the kitchen, not the living room, and definitely not outside. Ok, then, we’ll make sure to remember that šŸ™‚
So I haven’t talked much about the whole process of our moving over to being self-employed on this website yet – mostly because the first year is a whole lot of give and take and making sure everything works right etc. I also haven’t talked much about what that means for the home-front. Going from working for someone else to being your own boss and having employees.
It’s not easy, first of all. It’s stressful and really time consuming but more rewarding than anything else we’ve ever done together (job wise) and certainly makes for a happier husband (most of the time). There’ve been more sacrifices at home than anywhere else in the last year. Mostly of our time and patience. It’s not easy to love what your husband does when, at 3 am, he gets a phone call and has to be up for the rest of the night dealing with it – and then working 10 plus hours the next day getting everything back on track.
All of this to say – there are definitely less desirable times in self employment, business owning and managing and having employees – but for the first time in the 7 1/2 years I’ve been with Aaron he’s finally doing exactly what he’s always wanted to do – and all before 30.
I could not be prouder of you, Aaron. You have the ability to get yourself out of bed and to work or meetings when what you’d rather do is be home some days. You have drive, discipline and incredible work ethic. You provide for our growing family so that I can stay home and raise that growing family – and all those hours worked and invested really mean “I love you, too” without you having to say a word about it.
You’re doing all of this for us, for our future and our kids – you’re also doing this because you love it and 90% of the time there’s nothing you’d rather be doing. You don’t get told this enough, I know – but you are an inspiration to our kids to follow their dreams, to dream big and to figure out what you love to do before you ever have to figure out how to make money at it. Because when the idea is there and the motivation is behind it – it’ll fall into place one way or another.
What a freeing concept.
Aaron, I love you and am proud of you and trust you and will follow you to the ends of the earth if it means more of the moments spent together laying in bed laughing uncontrollably about how adorable our daughter is, or how awful that fart just smelled. You are my best friend.
Happy birthday!

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