You super parent, you, keep it to your self.

The whole hour before nap time or bed time drives me completely insane because it does not matter what we do to induce sleep we have to get to the point of taking a privilege away or punishment in order for Jessica to go to sleep.
I will not like you if you think it’s time to tell me she doesn’t need a nap or maybe we’re putting her to bed too early. Neither of those scenarios are true, so shut up. We’ve tried it all, I assure you. I do not want advice, I’m reading a great book right now that is making me feel sane in the midst of this mess that is my sleep deprived life these days.
You were and are an awesome parent, your child stays in his/her bed, listens the first time you ask them politely to return to their rooms and they never fight back about going to bed. You super parent, you. I do not want your advice. Do not give me advice.
I think it’s true for most families that sleep and bedtime is an issue in their household but when you put it on the internet or talk about it in front of your mother there’s always a sense of underlying lying going on because we all want to be the perfect parent.
I will not lie about this – I have seriously had to stop myself from hitting Jessica after 2 hours of mind numbing bullshit that is her nap time. It’s enraging. I am human. And I call my husband to talk through what we should do and to calm me down because at that point, there is no seeing straight. All I freaking want is for he to listen and want to go to sleep. Because let me tell you, she is tired. She is so tired and beyond tired that she is fighting it – and it’s not because we were playing and then all of a sudden I decided it was nap time – oh no.
We have a routine, one that we change as necessary for Jessica. I spend up to an hour getting her settled down before nap time, reading books, back massages and singing – all in a dimly lit room with white noise and there is no TV before nap time, whatsoever, ever.
The girl is tired. I am tired. What gives here? (No, I am not asking for advice, do not give me advice.) I’m just stating my frustration here.
Surprisingly we are on the road to a better experience with sleep in this house – it’s just not an overnight fix, it takes weeks and months of persistence to get this happy hour working like a well oiled machine. I’m just tired. And I totally want my mommy to tuck me in because I WILL GO TO SLEEP.

2 thoughts on “You super parent, you, keep it to your self.

  1. I’m so with you. Levi has been getting tougher lately, and I just keep reciting the verse, “in your anger do not sin.”

  2. wow, that sounds tuff! I remember as a kid not wanting to go to sleep, and now as an adult, i really want naps a lot of days and i can’t have them. what changes between the age of 3 and 26? maybe if i slept more when i was a kid i wouldn’t be so tired now!?

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