Holiday palooza

Today we went down town like every other Saturday morning to have coffee and bagels together at a local coffee shop – and then it hit me. Jessica’s birthday is only 2 weeks away and Christmas is this weekend.
Good thing I brought me some cash this morning. I went shopping. Finished up Jessica’s holiday and birthday shopping, shopped for Aaron’s siblings and my nieces. Christmas shopping was very easy on me this year because I enjoyed shopping from my butt on the internet for most of Jessica’s fares. And for all the women in my family I got lucky at one single place where I checked them off my list one at a time, in no time – it was glorious.
Aaron and I are not exchanging gifts this year – and this goes along with the whole secret I refuse to share with all of you. Even Aaron doesn’t know whats going on. Soon enough, though, soon enough. I bet you all thought that ultrasound was the secret – well … you’re all wrong, very very wrong. I still evade you!
That was a little bit of scrooge comin out – but only a little as I’m happily in the Holiday spirit.
Merry Christmas all! Happy Birthday, Jesus!!!

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