Unveiling the surprise!

I unveiled the surprise to Aaron today about his birthday/Christmas gift. It’s been months in the planning … and it’s also for the entire family, but his holiday was a good one to use as a jumping off point.
We’re finally gutting our main floor bathroom to make room for the new one and a working bathtub. HIP HIP HOORAY! I decided to tell him a few days early because I thought we could get started on the demolition and go a little faster than planned (originally with out his help) but as I’m typing this he’s up there demolishing walls. It’s a good thing too, because as we’re working we’re finding various stages of mold – gross. Good thing a fan and new electrical is a part of the plan.
The only thing we’ll be keeping is the toilet which was recently replaced. The pedestal sink we have in there now will be sold on craigslist and we’re making room for a nice spacious vanity. I’m very excited about all of this and Aaron confessed he was about to start planning the same surprise for me šŸ™‚
As of right now the reconstruction is set to begin on Jan 2nd – but if we get the walls all ready – we might push it up a few days. Everything else has arrived – so really, at this point, we’re just waiting on us.
Here’s the bathroom in it’s present tense

2 thoughts on “Unveiling the surprise!

  1. Ugh. This scares me very much. We are starting to make concrete plans to do our upstairs bathroom, but I hadn’t even thought of mold, which means we might have to replace the bathtub as well?? I now want to put this project off. No, more like I want to go away to a warm climate and come back to a miraculously finished bathroom. Florida here we come, what do you say?

  2. Well I don’t think you’d have to replace the tub – it depends on where the mold is. For us, it’s in the hall way – nothing too bad by the tub and we’re replacing that any way … so it doesn’t matter so much for us.

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