Getting ready for baby?

Now that we know the sex of the baby (a boy for those of you who missed the big announcement) we haven’t done much about it. We thought we’d start looking at names once we knew the sex or planning the nursery or just thinking about it more in general – and none of this has happened.
Of course it was Christmas and we didn’t have a ton of time to sit and think about a baby boy in our lives but when we did – we were either sleeping or planning our new bathroom, or well – knocking down the current walls and making a massive mess.
So today during Jessica’s nap I remembered there were some really cute crib bedding collections I saw online that were very reasonably priced – so I went looking for them again and found the one we fell in love with months ago and then forgot all about. This time I bookmarked them and that’s as far as I got.
Right now the nursery is our makeshift bathroom hub and all-around landing place for things that need a home – or baby stuff that needs to be organized when the bedroom is finally reclaimed as the nursery. There just isn’t much happening in baby-land over here.
He’s kicking harder now that it’s easier for other people to feel him, and let me tell you how weird it is to refer to this baby as a he or she. So weird. Jessica was probably 6 months old before we started to referring to her room as “Jessica’s room” before that it was ALWAYS “the baby’s room” or “the baby’s clothes, diaper, bag, car seat, etc” her identity was ‘baby’ for the longest time – it’s just weird that this baby has one already – he, him, his.
No, we don’t have any names yet. We haven’t even looked harder now that we know he’s a boy. We still have 4 months right? Either way, we’ll be keeping that under lock and key until the little guy is born so it’s not very exciting news one way or the other, we just won’t be telling.
Slowly but surely everything will take shape around here and in perfect timing, too.

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