I used to sell houses. I was in real estate with my dad for about 2 years, give or take. I do miss it, being in the work force – but more than anything I miss seeing inside all kinds of wonderful homes and houses. I loved matching clients up with a place they would make a home and I secretly loved envisioning all the things I would do in each and every house I toured.
I let my license lapse when Jessica was in her first year of life and I still tour houses when I can and I’m always drinking up the landscape of the roadside as we drive. Tonight I decided to see what Flickr could offer me.
I fell in love:
Storybook House
Little Red
Save this house
Straight lines
Some how I see this in my dreams
The cutest little house
Safe House
A home
Another home
This looks like love, to me
Wood House
I love that all of these structures are on soil that I could one day tread.

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