A work in progress

Who’s surprised to see me up and writing this early??? Anyone? Huh?? I AM! For the past few mornings I’ve been setting Aaron’s alarm and waking up before Jessica to get ready for the day and get everything in order for that days business on the remodel.
This morning was easier than I thought it was going to be with Jessica waking up every hour on the hour last night. The poor child suffered through yesterday with no nap because of all the banging and when the workers finally left for the day we had to buy milk and a few other things if we were going to survive another day without seeing the light of day outside the walls of our house. She fell asleep within minutes of riding in the car and then had to be woken up to get groceries.
When Jessica doesn’t get a nap and doesn’t get enough dairy in the day – she has charlie horses all night long. It’s quite tragic to have to watch your toddler fight that kind of pain in her sleep. So I was up every hour massaging her legs and keeping her comforted. At one point I had to wake her up to walk around because nothing else was helping her. She would let me know when it was time to come and help her again with her screaming and thrashing about in the uncomfortable twitch that is a charlie horse.
When I was pregnant with Jessica I also suffered through almost nightly charlie horse cramps and thankfully haven’t experienced that with this little guy on the way.
Yesterday was a big day in the remodel project that is our bathroom. A lot happened and was accomplished. A new tub and plumbing, raised plumbing for new vanity and sink – all new electrical and fan – discovered we’re tearing out the ceiling as well seeing as how it, too, is solid plastic tiles. I won’t go in to that one. All in all I’m feeling really good about the progress. Today the goal is to have the dry wall hung – probably not mudded until tomorrow, but at least hung.
Aaron will come home to a drastically changed bathroom. The original idea for the surprise was to have him come home to the bathroom in reconstruction stages – but on Christmas morning neither one of us could hold it together any more and I wanted to spill the beans as much as he wanted to hear them – so … I told him early which worked out perfectly because we could get so much more done before hand than I was anticipating.
You can watch the progress unfold on flickr.
I don’t think I’ve mopped my floors this much in a 3 day period. It gets so dusty and gross and I’ll be glad when people are done walking from outside to inside my house with their snowy/dirty shoes on. But thats a sacrifice I’m willing to make in the mean time.

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