Leg cramps in preschoolers

I’m doing some research online to figure out more about this leg cramping issue we’re having with Jessica and I’m finding alot of the information to be helpful and even reassuring. In the middle of the night I have that “mommy feeling” that Jessica needs to drink some orange juice or walk around and that maybe she needs to have bananas in her diet again (after overdosing on them, she’s slow to eat bananas right now) but I could put them in a shake for her every morning … anyway – here’s some more helpful hints I found and might try …
From Yahoo Answers
“What I am about to share with you is what has helped us sleep comfortably at night. These cures are the results of my parents’ loving research and their many hours of asking questions from experts around the country.
#1 Top Cure
— Place a bar of soap under his fitted sheet close to his legs. It works best if one of his legs rest on it as he sleeps. You may be laughing right now but it WORKS. This came from an elderly doctor in Florida and we owe her our lives. I’m not sure how it works but the bar of soap is a miracle!
#2 Cure for leg cramps
—-Coral Calcium : I know your son is 4 years old so PLEASE ask your doctor concerning this product. My siblings and I are older than your son and therefore we take one tablet a day as instructed on the label.. You can find coral calcium at any GNC store or Walgreens. The coral calcium improves the blood flow through your veins which, in turn, helps eliminate the cramping.
#3 Cure for leg cramps
Try to reduce physical activity 3 -4 hours before bedtime. As stated, I know that your son is 4 years old but if you could somehow reduce his play activity such as running and jumping several hours before bedtime, this will significantly reduce leg cramps at night. If this is not possible, make absolutely sure he drinks orange juice an hour before bedtime. This helps us tremendously!
#4 Orange Juice, Water and Bananas
You probably already been told that water and potassium from bananas is good for leg cramps. This is true ,however, the liquid that always stays in our refrigerator is orange juice. This is also what we drink DURING our leg cramps attacks. When your son has a leg cramp, get him on his feet and start walking as you push the cramp downward. Always work with gravity…not against it. As you are rubbing his leg and he is walking, make sure he is drinking orange juice during this process. The cramp will dissippate in approximately 10 minutes compared to the 45 minutes you are spending currently.
Very Important: After his cramp is gone, make sure he walks an additional 5 – 7 minutes inside. This will ensure better blood flow in his legs for a very comfortable and restful sleep for you and him!
In conclusion, I certainly hope that this information will be beneficial to your son and anyone else with leg cramps. I have not had a leg cramp in approximately 1 year due to the above steps. You will definitely be amaze with the power of the bar of soap.”

So a bar of soap? I’ll try anything for 99 cents. I’ll let you know how it works – but it might be a while because I have a serious aversion to bars of soap – any soap not in liquid form just gives me the heebie jeebies … I have issues, I realize this. So – we’ll have to buy a bar of soap first, and then I’ll report back.

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  1. yea I hear ya – we stretch her out now and are trying to teach her how to flex her feet in order to help the pain – she’s been pretty receptive to trying things. I do think her muscle tenseness is a huge part of it as well – and calcium. Jessica has ALWAYS been frigid in her stance, she’s straight as a board most of the time – when she was a baby she didn’t do the whole floppy thing like most other babies we knew. She just had very good control of her muscles and practiced using them often! We’ve even looked into getting her into gymnastics to help with her muscle tension (and energy) – swimming lessons this month and then maybe we’ll figure out the rest of the year.
    I’ll borrow a bar of soap, then I don’t have to suffer through looking at them and deciding which one to bring home while wearing gloves – I have serious aversions, I’m telling you.

  2. ok so i thought i was crazy when i personally started having leg cramps. i get them so bad i have to get up in the middle of the night and move around. i too have heard about the bar of soap thing (i have one so you dont’ have to buy one if you want to try) and never tried it. i notice it when i don’t eat right (in my non-medical opinion i think it has to do with calcium for me) but i notice a HUGE difference when i stretch. these cramps will wake me up, and if i get up, stretch for 20 minutes and then go back to sleep, it goes away. i don’t know if you can get a 3 year old to stretch, but it helps me a ton. Jessica is pretty active, and maybe she doesn’t get her muscles stretched out enough and then feel funny then when she is in a relaxed state during sleep. so that’s my non-medical experience! maybe it helps, maybe not šŸ™‚

  3. Hey – I recently found your blog again (I used to go to teenworks w/ Aaron) and may I just say congrats on baby #2! Awesome!
    Anywhoo… dehydration can cause leg cramps so maybe she needs a bit more water. And when I was pregnant I got them super bad (and stretching didn’t help) and my doctor told me to drink gatorade/powerade sometime between dinner and bed. Worked like a charm! As long as I drank some a few days a week, they completely went away. Good luck!

  4. Dad had them really badly growing up ~ Grandma Great used to spend hours up with him rubbing his legs. Back then they simply called it ‘growing pains.’ I think it was Leah that had them growing up with us, not sure about Aaron ~ sorry ~ memory fails me ~ we always just waited them out ~ they never seemed to last long ~ I’ll be praying ~ I do however remember the lo-o-o-ong nights rubbing…
    I get them sometimes, but mine are more like muscle calisthenics, or calf muscles trying to be ping pong balls inside my legs. Ouch. But that is usually when I have missed my meds ~ one of which is potassium. I never had them til a few years ago, though. And foot cramps, where the toes have a mind of their own. Not fun. One of the reasons I can’t do lengths at the pool anymore is because of these ~ I can do breast strokes, but no longer freestyle. I cramp. I hate it. Toes gone wild. I have learned to stretch out too ~ alot! Like I said ~ I am praying! That’s what Grandma’s do best!
    And hello to Donielle, too!!!

  5. I feel so bad for her! You’re very right about how hard it is to watch them agonize in pain. How are YOU holding up?

  6. well last night was MUCH better for Jessica – her diet was a big playing card in her leg cramps and we increased a few things and decreased a few others yesterday so her night was seamless. Mine on the other hand – hmmm … last night was the first night of pregnant related sleep that I didn’t get. The belly is finally making a statement – and he’s not comfortable in almost any position I know how to lay, but this is all practice for those sleepless nights I’ll endure all over again come newborn time šŸ™‚ More than anything I just really want naps to happen today but we’ll see how it goes.
    Jessica has a playdate with our babysitter this morning – instead of her coming and me leaving – she’s taking Jessica out to Crazy Bounce and then lunch so the poor girl has some space to run and roam and isn’t regulated to the basement with all the dust going on over here. Me? I might run a few errands that need to happen for the remodel or get my nails done – or just stay home and sleep on the couch. I haven’t decided yet. šŸ™‚

  7. best thing i ever found for leg cramps
    is to have the child drink tonic water with quinine (sp)
    one 6oz glass aday for a week should do it
    worked for my 4 children

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