More progress

The bathroom is getting closer to completion – at least it looks like a room in a house now and not something out of an abandoned house that was condemned. We’re super excited.
The details of the small leak in the corner of our ceiling/wall are this – it’s not coming from the roof or the flashing around the chimney – it’s the chimney itself that’s leaking. We have 3 chimneys coming out of our house – one for the furnace and one for each of the fireplaces in our house. Only one of those chimneys has a cap on it – and its the chimney to the main floor fireplace, the fireplace that has never, ever been used.
The previous owners didn’t use it because they didn’t want to get it dirty, or so we’re told. They were very neat, very dutch folks. And we haven’t used it because we haven’t spent the money to get it checked out to make sure everything is in working order seeing as how it has never been used.
So ok, check 1. That chimney is doing what it’s supposed to – absolutely nothing. The other two do not have caps on them and the clay chimney lining is failing, which is to be expected at their age and functioning levels. Long story short – we need new chimney liners and caps on the two that do not currently have any.
There haven’t been any other major bumps in the road yet, which PRAISE GOD, because those little surprises add up.
Monday is the day to start tiling the shower and we think we have a handle on the paint color for the walls. It’s coming together!

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  1. Thanks!!! I do too! I picked this tile out the same way I picked out the tile for our basement bathroom – I went in and 5 minutes later I walked out with a receipt. Sounds good to me! šŸ™‚

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