The story of our bathroom saga

The story of our main floor bathroom is a long one. One that has been 3 years in the telling, making and crying about.
Where shall I start? Well, we bought our house in Sept of 2004. It was a fixer upper, needless to say. Structurally the house was sound, very sound. It was built extremely well they just never bothered to update it. At all.
Oh and it needed a new roof and new electrical, a new furnace, and in time all new windows and appliances. Plus – alot of paint and floor coverings, removing every single window treatment original to the house and breathing in clean air.
We were pumped. And pregnant with baby #1 at the time. We got to work right away – had the roof and electrical done asap – bought all new appliances for the house, decided to wait on the furnace per recommendation from furnace company (it works like a dream) and removed all the flooring on the main floor – promptly replacing all flooring with new carpet, vinyl or just leaving the beautiful wood alone. We did some minor remodeling in our kitchen to update the appliances – no more stove in the wall, thank you – and we needed a spot for the fridge (which previously just sat in the middle of the very small kitchen).
We also painted the entire main floor (which most of it had to be redone in the next year or so because we did a few things wrong, but thats another story for another day) and replaced most of the light fixtures.
We had mentioned to some of our friends, who were helping us with the painting and all-around removal of the old that we were pretty sure we would get started on the bathroom asap, too. They decided to surprise us by taking some of the plastic tiles off the wall forming the word HI on our bathroom wall in good 2.5 to 3 foot letters.
We forgot to tell them we would be waiting on the bathroom for a bit longer. Ooops.
We did, however, replace the sink and toilet in that bathroom over time. The sink right away and the toilet as an older model in white became available to us. Then we proceeded to plan and put off the bathroom project for the next 3 years.
Every time we’d schedule our contractor to come in and start demo something would happen with Aaron’s job or we would decide to become self employed and knock the entire center of our universe on it’s ass. And then get pregnant with baby #2. And then discover we did not carry maternity coverage. And then I cried alot.
Well – the planning of this current undertaking in our bathroom has been months in the planning. We’ve had the money set aside for this for about 3 years and because of all the job changes and pregnancy stuff we never could decide if it was ok to use the money or to keep it, just in case.
So here we go – the bathroom is finally being redone and just in time for tail end of this pregnancy. Oh the baths I get to take! Remodeling on a small scale isn’t so bad. I don’t know that I could do it in a bigger sense – with the constant mess and people in our house. It’s alot of pick-up work when everyone leaves for the day, every day.
Right now the tiles are up and on the wall for the shower (picked one of those fancy showers at Bathroom City), grout and the tile for the floors will be done on Thur. The last coat of mud is going on the drywall tomorrow morning and on Wednesday it’ll be painted. Friday will be the way all the finishing touches happen, installing the vanity – putting the plumbing fixtures on and finishing up the electrical. Some of the tail end stuff might end up happening next week depending on the schedules of those workers – but here’s to hoping that by Jessica’s 3rd birthday (this coming Saturday) I’ll be able to take the first bath in our brand new bathroom.
And then I’ll cry some more.

2 thoughts on “The story of our bathroom saga

  1. hi Jodi,
    How many years this saga in all? looks like you have 2 kids already and the bathroom still undone? must be a real saga, but are you loving the renovation? i find it cute when you say il cry some more but maybe you are really crying for real ? sorry im just confused …anyway hope your bathroom will be ready soon.. so the saga ends..

  2. Hi Myan,

    Thanks for commenting. This post was from 2008- we’ve since moved a few times and done different/more bathrooms in other homes. It was a short remodel but with 2 small kids at the time felt longer. Everything turned out and it was great!

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