oh man

Um. There is dust absolutely everywhere in my house. Mopping the floors? I can handle doing that 2 to 3 times a day to keep my sanity. Dusting? You may not know this about me, but the reason we don’t have alot of “stuff” sitting around our house – vases, free standing photos, trinkets etc – is because I hate, HATE, loathe to dust.
The thought of decorating in order to maintain a clean house appeals to me. I like simple, simple and me? we get along. Pritzy little things here or there, I enjoy them, I like looking at them, I like thinking about how they’d look in my house, on my coffee table – on the bookshelf etc. But in the end I know I’ll have to dust them in order to justify keeping them out on a table and that deters the hell out of me ever buying anything like that for myself or our house.
You could just let it be, the dust – I mean – have a vase! Who cares if it’s dusty? Ah. The catch-22. I do. I also hate the appearance of dust – the knowledge that dust is sitting on the coffee table. It looks and feels dirty and disgusting to me. I might not be super organized and I might have a pile or two here or there but my house is clean – clean enough to eat off the floors most of the time.
I grew up in a compulsively clean house where dusting must have been my chore at one time or another, I don’t even remember why or where all this hate comes from – but it’s there.
And so is all this cement dust from sanding the floors in the bathroom in order to prep it for the new tiles – tomorrow there will be more dust as there is more sanding going to be happening. The drywall. Super.
I pretty much want to escape the next 24 hours and just come home to a clean house, this is not possible – I know. So I’ll write about how nice it would be and believe on some level that magic just might happen.
The light at the end of this tunnel is this – paint on the walls in the bathroom tomorrow! And grout on the shower! Nothing noticeable was done to the bathroom today – more mudding and some sanding, we worked on the vanity and getting it in working order for all the plumbing to wind itself through it. So the small things are checking off the list – one by one. We’re almost done!

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  1. Jodi – I’m the exact same way with dust! And it was one of my chores growing up in a compulsively clean house!!!! It made me laugh that you wrote about that šŸ™‚

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