babies, babies and more babies

Hows about some baby talk? All you patient family and friends enduring the bathroom posts and photos – I know there’s a lot of play by play and what you really want is some baby news.
We’re doing great – the baby and I. He’s a stretcher – loves to stretch and make his little self known, probably because most of the time I’m doing activities that I need reminding I’m pregnant – like mopping the floors on my hands and knees for the 3rd time in a day – yea – he’ll let me know he’s there.
I’ve been to a few more second hand shops to look for clothes, found some adorable little guy additions to his wardrobe. My favorite so far is a button-up shirt in a light blue and the sleeves roll up just like Aaron’s! It’s too cute. We’ll have a little internet exec in no time šŸ™‚ Or maybe he’ll really like construction – now that would be different.
There’s really not much more to share – this pregnancy is wonderful, easy – only a little uncomfortable at times. I feel great and the baby is healthy so … thats about it.

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