Neighborhood watch

I have to share this little neighborly story.
For the past 2 weeks there’s been various stages of this bathroom remodel under way – whether it was taking 14 large garbage bags out of our house at 10 pm or secretly bringing the vanity home in the middle of the day so Aaron wouldn’t notice … and then of course all the hoopla that is remodeling. The trucks, the plumber, the electrician, the heating guy – etc … the sawing, the whatnot and the noise.
We live on a dead end street and our neighbors directly across the street from us are semi-retired, which means he stays home most days doing yard work or shoveling all our driveways and we love him for this. They are fantastic neighbors. They’re also a little nosy.
Today at the height of the traffic in and out of our house we had THREE huge trucks/vans parked all over our driveway and in front of our house – there were guys on our roof (fixing our chimney) and then Mark, the guy doing most of the remodel work – going in and out of the house getting what he needed for the project at hand. I had to laugh because I know this neighbor is just thinking to themselves – What the hell is going on over there? And they’ll probably ask me when we meet at the mailboxes in 4 months outside and give me their take on all the commotion and whatnot. I don’t know why, but this tickles me.
We absolutely love that we have neighbors who watch though because they’ve saved us from some heartache and pretty scary/threatening situations. Before Jessica was 1 Aaron was on a business trip and she woke up at 2 am – wanting to be fed. So I go into the kitchen and ready everything but before I get there, in my sleep stupor, I see headlights beaming into my kitchen window. And I’m alone. All alone. With a crying, hungry baby. I immediately start lactating – then I call Aaron in hysteria because what gives? Who’s in my drive way at 2 am and what in the Holy Lords name are they doing there?
Our neighbor had told us he’d seen a car park in our drive way on a number of occasions at about this time. We were baffled, but never actually caught whoever this was and didn’t know what to do about it. How lovely that it would all happen while Aaron was away.
Of course I woke him up – in another state. He called the police but then called me back to tell me I have to call our police – the police in the other state can’t really do anything about a car in his driveway in Michigan. Oh. Right. So I call the police – and all the while I’m talking to them and giving them my info this car’s headlights don’t waver. I tried turning on a light to let whoever out there know that I was home, I was awake … I wasn’t going anywhere, but nothing. No response.
The police are on their way and I call Aaron back – by this time I’m so over stimulated by the fear that is the unknown in my driveway that I’m wildly crying (Jessica some how calmed down and went back to sleep) – the cop shows up – approaches the car in the driveway – the damn headlights are STILL on and then the police woman comes to my door – I’ve got Aaron on the phone in one hand and a death grip on a knife in the other …
She greets me and calms me down some what then asks if I know so and so. She gave us the name and showed me the drivers license. Why, yes, yes I do know that son of hee-hoo. What do they think they’re doing in my driveway at this hour? And WHAT are they doing?
Aaron hears all of this – we straighten everything out and I hang up the phone then try to go to sleep, I wasn’t in danger. We knew this person well. Aaron of course calls them up right after we hang up to give them a reason to crap out of their ear for a while. And everything settles down.
We wouldn’t have known to look for any of this though if it wasn’t for our neighbor – whom we love dearly. Who needs neighborhood watch when you’re the youngest couple on a dead end street and everyone of your elderly neighbors looks out for you?

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