Alone time

I have a couple hours to myself this morning because my mom likes to have Jessica from time to time on her days off. I’m spending this time at home, cleaning and balancing the check book and other mundane house things that usually take time away from Jessica if she were here. I also have a mountain of laundry to fold (and I’m not exaggerating, sadly) so I’m pumped to sit in front of the TV and fold it.
Reasons: If the TV is ever on in the morning it’s because SuperWhy! is on or Sesame Street is on. There’s a plethora of morning shows for adults that I never watch because Jessica gets antsy and who wants to sit in a basement at 9 am just to watch Dr Phil? Not me. If I had a TV in the kitchen, then maybe I’d be more apt to watch this stuff – but it’s kind of exciting to be able to see something that doesn’t talk 4 actives too high or is splattered in primary colors.

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