2008 is here?

So it’s 2008 already. I still date my checks 2003 for some reason and now that I’m a good 5 years behind hows about we get caught up?
Our New Years Eve Party was a blast – the first we had thrown and the first of many more in the future. We like having parties but most of our parties are at friends homes or ours and it consists of everyone chipping in on the food or drink and then just hanging out. I love the idea of hosting a party where your guests come and enjoy and there’s a plan for the evening … maybe 2008 will be the year this starts to happen … no?? Anyone?? We’re going to give it a whirl.
2007 was a pretty significant year for us – the first year being solely self employed with Elevator Up – the company we started in our first year of marriage (that would be where the 2003 comes in) and Aaron’s realization of one of his dreams.
We have been beyond blessed with this business – we were able to hire 3 other employees throughout the year, move into office space and we’ve stayed debt free through the entire process. I have an amazing husband with a vision but we have an even more amazing God.
2007 was also the year we decided to embark on growing our family and that’s been a process in and of itself, but a welcome one – we can’t wait to meet our little guy in May which will make 2008 a year to remember as well. Thankfully we’re fertile over here, so fertile that when we decided to start trying all we had to do was look at each other. I’ll spare you the rest.
Aaron did some record breaking travel in 2007 tracking 6 weeks of almost straight travel this past fall – and we as a family got away here and there, too. This year we’re hoping to make it to Washington State and for our 5 year anniversary (Aug 2008) Aaron and I are hoping to do something a bit more exotic and grown up. Like be alone for 6 nights without either one of the kiddos – at that point we might not care if we’re sleeping in a cardboard box as long as we’re sleeping through the night and no one is crying. But really we’re hoping to go on a cruise or an all inclusive vacation for just the two of us (and the breast pump).
2008 started off with a bang – a few hundred of them directed right at our own bathroom walls. Boy are we happy we did that. It was an apropos way to start the year because we’re not even done with January yet and it’s look like this could be a very exciting year for us.
I don’t do resolutions mainly because I’m lazy like that – I’d rather just do it than state it and ponder it. But here’s to hoping the transition from one child to two is a mostly seamless one – that baby boy Schaap fits right in the crook of my arm and right along with all the movement of this family. He’s already made his way into his big sister’s, mom’s and dad’s heart – no worries there. And here’s to hoping we continue to grow as people, followers of Christ, and parents through the everyday jargon that becomes the daily race of the in’s and out’s of life.
2008, I think you’re going to be A-OK.

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