Living like no one else, so later we can live like no one else

This past week we went to see Dave Ramsey Live – it was awesome. I’ve been devouring his books for the past few years and Aaron has done some listening to the tapes/CD’s. It was so good to see him in action, in person. The event itself was great – humorous, well timed (although at times a little long for my pregnant self to sit for) and tons of superb information.
I’ve even recommended his books on my book list – which I should probably work on updating more often, I know.
I, personally, think everyone who has a bank account or will have one in the future should be reading his material, cutting up their credit cards and saying no to overspending. But that’s just me. I grew up being responsible with money – to the point of hording it, I know this – and have worked hard at being able to give my money away. (Thank you Crown Financial Ministries, among other things)
After Aaron and I went through the Crown bible study with some friends we paid off our last debt, his car, and have stayed debt free since. I don’t have a credit card and I don’t carry my debit card with me. It sits in a block of ice in the freezer. Being a stay at home makes it way too easy to spend $50 or more at Target every week, just because I’m bored or I needed toilet paper. (Who buys toilet paper from Target? It’s a TRAP!)
Any way, our views on finances are simple – don’t spend more than we have, save, give and have fun.
For those of you who are engaged – I would highly recommend putting your finances together before the wedding. This was our experience with finances when we were engaged, we had purchased a house together and joined our accounts once the ring was on my finger – we got all the bumps and kinks of working together out before the wedding and have only had a handful of arguments when it comes to budgeting or spending our money. This is also highly due to the fact that I do the budgeting and then we get together every other week (some times every other month depending on schedules) and talk it over, see whats going on and make changes as needed.
I’m a bit of a numbers nerd – I love this stuff. We obviously aren’t perfect and don’t have this down to a complete science as far as our money goes – but it’s getting there slowly. I’d be happy to recommend a number of books if you’re interested. Otherwise, keep checking the book list – I’ll try to get some more up there soon.

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  1. I second your recommendation for Dave Ramsey’s books. We weren’t able to go hear him at VanAndel, but my Grandpa (the wisest man I’ve known who Levi is named after) gave us one of DR’s books when we got engaged and it has been a HUGE blessing to our marriage. I also second your recommendation for putting money together when engaged rather than waiting for marriage. We were very glad we did!

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