Today was pretty interesting. I get a phone call about 11:30 or so, my mom is on the phone and I think she’s calling to tell me she changed her mind, she wants to go bargain hunting with me. Wrong. Very wrong. I can tell somethings wrong when I answer the phone and she says “Jodi?” – turns out she fell while shoveling the snow in her driveway and was calling to tell me about it. I asked her if she needed me to come and she was all – no, I have class tonight, I don’t really know. I don’t see any bones, I think I’m fine.
Uh huh. Then I said – I’m on my way, see you in a few minutes.
… I ended up taking her to the Emergency Room, the doctor thought it might be something with her pelvis because he was able to do quite a range of motion with her leg – then they gave her x-rays and well, she broke her hip.
She went into surgery about 6 pm and it went really well – the doctor came out about 7:10 to explain the process to us – they put 3 screws in her hip and the crucial thing now is that her blood vessels in the bones would heal otherwise a complete hip replacement will be needed. There’s a 20% chance that might happen – but they sounded optimistic. So that’s a bit of a waiting game right now (could take 2 months to know). She was back in her room about 8:30 and doing really well.
How was your Monday?

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  1. Oh man…so glade you went over to make sure she was alright. we will be thinking about her! miss you all. peace- Taylor’s

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