It all began …

A few of the more embarrassing pregnancy side effects have finally taken effect in my life. Oh remember when all things embarrassing happened to me?
Yes, well – the hiatus is over. Granted this isn’t very embarrassing because it happened while I was home, but I’m compelled to write about it on the world wide web, so – you know, I’m a gluten.
Simply put the leakage from what will be the soul source of nourishment for my son has finally begun. I now have to be careful what I wear and probably start purchasing the nursing pads in bulk. Here it comes.
Now that I’m writing about it, I’m letting down all over again. Oh boy, this is going to be a messy 14 weeks.

2 thoughts on “It all began …

  1. haha – yes, the fun stuff has begun šŸ™‚ YES!! We’re having a boy!!!
    I got your email, I’ll write back in the next few days šŸ™‚

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