Because risk to us means driving in a complete white out

Thank you for the out pour of love and support. We’re already doing 180% better, the med’s are working for me.
We were some of the courageous (read stupid) people to venture out in this weather to head to church this morning. It usually takes us 15 min to get to church, this morning – more like 25 or 30. There was complete white-out a few times and I’m just glad Aaron was the one driving. He thought it was just great.
Because most of Holland was smarter than we were, church wasn’t very full so we decided to let Jessica sit with us, which she loved. In the middle of the whole thing she yells “GOD LOVES US” and then repeated herself a few times, to make her point. The people sitting around us and within ear shot all chuckled a bit. When we started to sing, at the end of the service, Jessica didn’t know a single word but did she ever belt it out. Then did some dancing too, for good measure.
It might be hard to get her to go back into her Sunday School room …
Also – so I don’t forget – Jessica’s vocabulary:
Pushing chair = Wheel chair
Doctor’s House = Hospital
Philosibee’s = Philosophies
Sage (read sAW-j) = Massage (She pronounces it like Massage with out the “MA”)
Krogram = Program … She often asks if she can watch just one krogram, meaning cartoon.
Chuckie Cheesies = Chuck E Cheeses
Hybenina’s = Hyena’s (Lion King)
The other night we had told her we were going to let her watch a movie and then all of a sudden Aaron starts asking her for a hug and a kiss before he would start the movie – so I said, “Boy, Jessica, Dad’s making you jump through hoops!” She pauses, looks at us in complete horror and says “but I don’t want to jump in dad’s poop!, I don’t wanna jump in dad’s poop!!”
Kids say the darndest things.

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