Late edition Midday Etsy: Feeling frisky

I’m Feeling Frisky
Oooh, placemats
A great way to settle that argument
Well, when you put it that way
This is rated R. But Hilarious
These selections are not for the people without their humor intact. Also, I love sending these kinds of cards to a handful of girlfriends and one of my aunts. Yes, I did just say that. I pay money for these cards and it is awesome.

4 thoughts on “Late edition Midday Etsy: Feeling frisky

  1. I especially loved the r-rated ones. It’s nice to break out of “mommy world” and live on the wild side! wooo hooo!!!

  2. Jodi – Did you see the “please pass the peace” t-shirt..same designer of the frisky tshirt…love it!!

  3. Oh man, I know what you mean, getting out of the Mommy World every once in a while is euphoric. haha šŸ™‚
    Molly – I did see that shirt, very cute.

  4. I think we could all use the “R Rated” notes….do you know how thrilling it would be to actually leave a note like that on someones car? I would love to leave it on my boss’ car sometime…ooooh the thrill!

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