Etsy: Art for baby’s room

Bear and fish
3 little fishies
Waiting for the bus
2 years
Sweets, mmm
Leaf and bird
I’ve linked to a few of these before, because I love them. Since the baby’s room is so orange by nature with the knotty pine walls and wood floors and we’re not painting it we’re going to lighten it up with some art. Not all of this art, but some of it – whats your favorite?

4 thoughts on “Etsy: Art for baby’s room

  1. My fav is the CIRCLES right now 🙂 ok and the LEAF AND BIRD … and um the BUBBLES, which I was afraid to link to because I don’t want it to be sold out when I get around to buying it …

  2. I like ‘circles’ the best, and I also like the whale one because I think it would compliment your rug and bedding well.

  3. I did buy my 3 favorites this morning – and another that I didn’t link to, I’ll find it and put it here soon.
    I really liked the whale too – but I went with more white space in the ones I ordered to lighten the room more efficiently and the Ducks one … love it. I have a small infatuation with ducks – but I decided to go for an overall age in this art instead of pigeon holing the baby stage. We’ll see how it works 🙂

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