Overload of marital mushiness

My Valentines post got away from me with all the happenings around here but I didn’t forget. I said I would write my favorite Valentine memory – so here it is.
Um. I was hoping for some inspiration because although we generally celebrate Valentines I’m not one to remember all the gushy details of each and every one. Which is why I keep the cards – a small box of keepsakes that I would grab if our house was on fire. Letters and things from Aaron over the years. Not just from Valentines, but in general. These cards mean the world to me.
So here’s a small recap of some of the special moments I do remember.
When we were dating – I’m pretty sure it wasn’t Valentines but still … Aaron came over to my parents house with a bag of groceries and some sparkling juice. He had asked a friend in the restaurant business for a recipe and then proceeded to make it for me, right before my eyes as I sat there and talked to him. Then he set the coffee table in my parents living room and served me the dish, on a date for two. He also brought me a rose and I do have photos of this night, but it was before I owned digital so they’re in a scrapbook somewhere. This night sticks out because we had been dating for over a year at this point and his ability to sweep me off my feet with a bag of groceries and his smile still rocked my world. Still does.
Our engagement was in February – after Valentines, but whatever. We had just bought our first house and had it worked out that if something didn’t pan out between us we could make a clean break on paper from each other with this large purchase of a mortgage hanging around. We bought the house on Feb 10 – he asked me to marry him on Feb 23.
I was hosting my parents for a dinner, the first of many at our house. I loved living on my own, in fact I would say that it was one of the best times of my life and one of the best suggestions Aaron made to me. He said he wouldn’t consider marrying me until I had lived on my own, until I had stood on my own two feet. That man, he knows his stuff. So I was a little nervous, being the first dinner I was hosting on my own and all. It was a Sunday. I skipped church (don’t tell) and called Aaron to ask him if he would come over and help me get ready seeing as how I was loosing my mind for some reason.
He said he’d be right over. He lived maybe 10 minutes away and it took him a good 30 to come over. I was a little upset. But then I answer the door and there he is with this HUGE bouquet of flowers. I melt, obviously, and think to myself – How awesome that he’s being sensitive to my jitters right now and that he bought me flowers to show it!
He was a little different that morning but I didn’t think much about it – then he goes straight for the living room and starts telling me this story about us – he hands me the flowers as he talks … a bouquet to represent our past, present and our future. And I’m still not getting where this is going, just thinking how much thought he put into this and how wonderful of a surprise it was. As I’m gathering this massive bouquet I don’t see him get on one knee until I move it aside and then it hits me. I giggle. His eyes are watering as he asks me marry him and presents me with the engagement ring. I’m still in my pajama’s – hadn’t showered yet and the person I went to sleep dreaming about just asked me to be his wife. I said yes, and started crying.
My parents came over for lunch and I couldn’t stop giggling – they knew it was coming seeing as how Aaron asked their permission, they just didn’t know WHEN it was coming. They were ecstatic. And then had us over later that night for a little celebration of a Lady and the Tramp moment with cake and candles. That day was magical.
The day Jessica was born is right up there with some of my favorites spent with Aaron. His compassion and attentiveness still get me all verklemped.
Is that enough mushiness for you? He used to write personal things on his blog but since becoming so busy he keeps his blog to tech-type things and doesn’t write often. Which leaves the glimpses of our life together to me to write about, which I love of course, but I also don’t really do much of. Not of the two of us, because thats pretty sacred to me. We’ve got it and we guard it fiercely.
I’m not among the generation of my aged adults who blindly think the vows I said (and took very seriously and meant) on my wedding day makes my life with my husband iron clad. I come from a broken home and know all to well how human we really are. It’s cliche but very true that marriage is work, hard, long work. But in my experience it’s worth it and if I could I would marry Aaron all over again tomorrow and I’d say the same vows with the same furvur and anticipation for our life together.

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