Jessica’s going to school!

Today I’m signing Jessica up for preschool. Wow. I can’t believe I’m at this milestone already, although in a way it feels so right. We’re sending her to Holland Christian for their Spanish Immersion program.
Here’s a blurb about it from their website …

Spanish Immersion Preschool is available as a 3-year-old class and a 4-year-old class at Rose Park and South Side.. Students in the immersion class work with age appropriate concepts (like letters, numbers, shapes & colors) entirely in Spanish. They are taught by qualified Christian bilingual or native speakers. Research clearly indicates that a child’s brain is wired to be able to acquire a second language naturally and effectively – especially in an immersion setting, since that’s how we all learn our first language! By starting language learning as a young child, the learner is able to acquire authentic pronunciation more easily than later in life. Believing that God calls His children to positively impact His world, Holland Christian is excited to offer the Spanish immersion preschool option to parents.

Aaron and I are really excited about this and also? kind of peeing our pants in the process. Our baby girl is going to school in a few short months.

3 thoughts on “Jessica’s going to school!

  1. Jodi – I am SO excited about this! I think this is a wonderful program and one of the best things you can provide for Jessica…what a bonus for her to have you and Aaron for mommy and daddy!

  2. ohhh how exciting! I loved getting ready to go to school as a kid, and hopefully Jessica will too! Maybe she can teach us all Spanish, mine’s not great, but i know a fair amount 🙂

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