100 amazing things I’ve already done: 1-25

After being inspired by Maggie Mason of MightyGirl here’s the start of my list … it’s harder than I thought, but fascinating to write down and remember.
100 amazing things I’ve already done:
1. Parasailed off Mackinac island with my sister
2. Decided late at night that a road trip to Chicago (3 hours from my home) for El Gyo’s burritos was imminent. And then went.
3. Traveled to Amsterdam with Aaron – then to Prague, and Germany too
4. Been to Costa Rica twice
5. “Swiss Family Robinson”ed down a waterfall off the side of the road somewhere in Maine.
6. Been walked down my wedding aisle by both my fathers to Butterfly Kisses
7. Been unconditionally loved by a man who changed my life forever, my step father – Wayne, who died a day before my 1 year wedding anniversary and 4 months before the birth of my first child.
8. Tried Sushi in Chicago
9. Traveled to Peru and tried Seveche
10. Had a public showing of my photography
11. Had some of my photography published locally
12. Written a book, yet to be published. Not sure it ever will be.
13. Been kissed in the rain
14. Lived on my own for 6 months before getting married
15. Bought a house at age 19
16. Bought 2nd house at age 20
17. Swam with dolphins in Cancun
18. Traveled to Azerbaijan to work with orphans
19. Gave birth
20. Spent a night on the beach, in a tent, with Aaron under the stars
21. Ran a 5K in memory of my step dad and crossed the finish line
22. Seen the Twin Towers in person before Sept 11 happened
23. Hand fed a wild deer
24. Refaced my kitchen cabinets with my dad as a surprise for Aaron
25. Finished school early to get on with my life and start living my dreams

One thought on “100 amazing things I’ve already done: 1-25

  1. let me know when you want to add “learned how to sew” to your list 🙂 I think i can come over tonight, or Sat night (when Dave’s working on his sermon) Friday night we’ve got a church thing. Anyhow, I gotta get studying for my midterm i have in about 2 hours 🙂 talk to you soon!

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