Update on life

Aaron leaves for SXSW today in Austin, TX – insert sad face. He’s going to have a grand time networking and being around all the new technology and energy of other techy’s like him … and Jessica and I will be just fine here. We thought about getting a hotel room for one night to help pass the time and give Jessica access to a pool for a good 24 hours straight but I think we’re busy enough this week without that.
My mom started her aquatic therapy at the Aquatic Center so Jessica and I tag along 3 times a week to play in the water. Needless to say my very energetic spawn LOVES this.
Nothing new to report in the land of pregnancy – my last doctors appointment was great. I start going every two weeks now (I was supposed to go today but taking Aaron to the airport changed that) … they baby is measuring right on schedule, not too big or too little. His heartbeat is strong and easy to find and he’s very active. He gets the hiccups a few times a day now.
I’m in the middle of making a blanket and the curtains for his room and we’re still looking for a dresser/changing table for him. We never bought a changing table for Jessica – we went to the Antique market in Allegan and bought a dresser that could double as the changing table, which worked wonderfully. Now we have it in our room as our dresser and since the nursery is a bit smaller we’re looking for something that would work for that space better. Also, we still haven’t put the crib back together. It’s sitting in our attic. Sigh.
For his name? Literally, we’re going to be deciding it in the delivery room, most likely after he’s born. We now have 3 we really like but just can’t decide which one is the right one. So we’ll wait to meet him and see if he can give us some clues as to what his name should be. That or we’ll let Jessica pick it out of a hat and be done with it.
I’m doing well – getting uncomfortable and sleeping is getting harder but my energy is still pretty high. We’re down to 9 1/2 weeks and counting!! Which also means spring is right around the corner AND I CANNOT BE MORE EXCITED ABOUT THAT. I’m itching to get outside and plant some flowers and get my garden going. We’re planning on putting in underground sprinkling this year also, and looking for a used or inexpensive, but good quality play area for outside, too.
This is the year of upkeep. Windows, lawn, possibly building the deck. It’s going to be exciting.
And thats about it for my rambling this morning and life updates from our corner of the world.

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