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First of all – this is pretty cool – Roger, my mom’s significant other, works for SVH (printing) and one of his clients just topped Oprah’s Favorite things list for the month!!! This is a local business, based out of Grand Haven, and I am so excited for her and everything this means for her business!!
Check it out – New Tree Chocolates – I’ve tried them, they are delicious and such a great add on to any gift – or a great gift in and of itself.
I’m also going ahead and signing up for the JQ Spring Craft Fair to sell baked goods. I’m pretty excited about this. April 19 … mark your calendars for all the goodness to come. I’ll be selling the essentials and also a few surprises to be revealed later.
Aaron comes home today!!!! I am so excited to see him. We’ve been really busy and since I’ve been crazy with nesting the time has gone by really fast – but there’s nothing like one of his hugs at the end of the day or knowing he’s on his way home to see his girls. I can’t wait to bombard him in the airport tonight.
And because I need to remember this for years to come – more of Jessica’s vocabulary …
Skunk = Stunk
Keep = Peek
She’s announced she wants to be a doctor when she grows up as of late so she can help fix all the Grandma Lady’s (my mom) with broken hips. She also loves to be a princess and a big sister. Yesterday she told me I couldn’t hold her any more because she’s so big. Then I told her that when I’m 89 and frail I’m still going to hold her because she’s my Jessica and always will be. She had to think about this and then agreed, half heartedly. Like – ok mom. You’re talking crazy now. I can only count to 20, what’s this 89 business?
She was on the phone with her Grandma Schaap (Aaron’s mom) when all of a sudden I hear her say … “Well, I guess so.” She’s so grown up some times!
The pool = Swimming lessons
When Aaron is traveling she thinks he’s at the office, for a really, really long time. And that her Grandpa Bosa (my dad) flies her dad exclusively when ever he takes a plane ride (my dad is a pilot of American Airlines).
Grandpa and Grandma Great Schaap (who are Aaron’s dad’s parents) go to Florida for the winter, Jessica is SURE that’s right down the road – and why don’t we ever go to Florida?
Cheat Sheet:
Grandma Lady – my mom
Grandpa Bosa – my dad
Nona – my step mom
Pappy – my (late) step dad
Roger – Roger
Grandpa and Grandma Schaap – Aaron’s parents
Grandpa Great and Grandma Great – Aaron’s grandparents (his dad’s parents)
The other grandparents are mostly in Washington and New York with one set in Peru. We haven’t thought of names for these grandparents yet because we don’t see them often enough for her to have to remember who they are constantly – but my mom’s parents are quickly becoming “Grandpa and Grandma Washington” which might be tough when the other Washington grandparents come to visit … they might be Grandpa Great Bosa and Grandma Great Bosa since they’re my dad’s parents.
This family needs name tags.

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