Free kids activities

I’m checking out all the local haunts for preschoolers and learning that until their scheduling begins alot of things are free …
For instance – The Critter Barn in Zeeland doesn’t have any regular programming going on but visitors are free (with free admission) to browse their barns and look at the animals from 9-12 Mon-Sat until the end of March. April 7 they start regular programming and hours and also start charging admission – which starts at $5 per person above the age of 3.
Ok – spend a few minutes browsing their site, seriously. This is an awesome and educational outlet for preschoolers. It’s getting cooler every year – and their website is so helpful.
Deanna’s Playhouse isn’t free, admission is $5 per person – but it’s an AWESOME place to take kids to run around in an enclosed area that fosters creativity and play. And you can stay all day if you want.
Growing culture in preschoolers – this, you get to do on your own. We took a drive tonight to try something new for dinner and wound up in Fennville at Su Casa – this place is just amazing. The food was great and attached to the restaurant is a grocery store that Jessica absolutely LOVED browsing because it’s mostly authentic Mexican cuisine and goods.
So here’s the idea – why not take a couple hours some afternoon and walk through the local non-Americanized grocers in your neighborhood. Give your child a budget (like $5) and maybe visit the library to get a book or two on another culture or cooking with different ingredients and then go for it! Let them try pineapple pop or buy something they might be interested in trying at home.
I know, in our community alone, there’s quite a few Hispanic grocers – not to mention restaurants and business, too. And since Jessica will be starting preschool in an all-Spanish speaking class this August I can’t wait to start emerging her in something other than the dutch bubble we normally live and breathe in.
If this is something you’ve done with your kids (maybe you home school?) or have other ideas or tips to share – PLEASE DO! I’d love to hear what other families are experiencing and exploring to widen the horizons of their children and the community we live in.

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