I keep having dreams about my water breaking – which is a little inconvenient seeing as how I’m getting up 3-4 times a night to pee. One of these nights I’m going to think my water has broken when really all I did was embarrassingly wet the bed. Nice.
My water didn’t break on it’s own with Jessica – it was broken for me a good 12 hours before she was born. Joyful. Not the breaking part – the hours part. She was a long labor. I’m getting ready for all of that again and I’m a little excited about it. More about what the end result will entail – a baby – not really for the whole transitional labor thing or ‘pushing a human out of my body’ part – that … well, that hurts a lot.
But I do feel more prepared for it this time around – now that I know what might happen, seeing as how every birth is different, I’ll at least know what to expect in the grand scheme of things and I feel like that information is on my side this time around.
I was reading about labor and delivery last night when Aaron asks me – you’re getting an epidural right? I mean, you’re just getting one … right? The poor guy – cannot stand it when I’m in pain and he can’t fix it. Kind of adorable, actually. Ok – really adorable and totally sexy in my book. Which means he loves the hell out of me and I return the favor without question … but no – I’m not walking into the hospital asking for an epidural – if the pain gets too much to handle, you bet I’ll ask for help but I’m not saying one way or the other is HOW IT’S GOING TO BE. That was my crutch with Jessica’s birth, I was so against it that it was all I thought about.
Not this time … I’m giving myself options and permission to be exactly who I am in that delivery room – a laboring mother. One who may or may not need help in any number of ways.
And as long as Aaron has had a good meal a few hours before all of this begins – he’ll be alright. If we go to the hospital and he hasn’t eaten, we’re almost guaranteed to see him meet the floor face first at some point.

3 thoughts on “dreaming

  1. I am with you on the whole water breaking thing. Every time I go to the bathroom I wonder if I’m actually peeing or if my water is leaking. I was “lucky” with Abbi because I actually had the whole “gush of water” thing so there was no doubt. I totally feel like I’m going through this for the first time!

  2. Hehe! I had a water breaking dream last night for the first time. And I’m with you with epidurals — with Levi I went in w/o my mind made up and got one when I started thinking along the lines of, “okay, I’ve been having hard contractions for 6 hours and I’m only 3 farther than when I came in … after another 6 hours of this, I will not be able to push. Epidural? Yes please!” I think I’m extra scared this time around because I was induced with Levi, so I still have no idea what it feels like to “go into” labor!!!

  3. I do love being pregnant with so many other women! We can all go through this together:)
    Stacey – I keep reading about all the differences in water breaking because some part of me is convinced that’s how I’ll know this time around … apparently the big gush is the give away but if there’s no gush it’s a continuous leak and even more so if you’re laying down. I know what you mean about feeling like it’s the first time – this pregnancy is so different from the first that it feels like everything is new to me!
    Jen – first babies and labor – glad we’re done with that! Jessica’s labor was 24 hours start to finish – but we only count the 16 hours we knew what was going on. The first 8 hours I knew my braxton hicks were kinda regular and stronger but I could sleep through them and didn’t really know any tell-tale signs to feel like I was “in labor” – Mosterd was helping us replace our counter tops that day and that night we went out to eat with him and Jason and by the end of the meal I couldn’t figure out why I was getting so hot and why I couldn’t just pee already. I kept feeling like I had to go to the bathroom but couldn’t and my face kept getting red … all of a sudden it dawned on me. Oh! It’s time! Aaron was going to see the new Superman movie and I was all – ok – I think I’m going to my mom’s, I’m pretty sure I’m in labor – but just call me when the movie is over. HA! He was like – um, no … I think I’ll stay with you. And 3 hours later we were in the hospital. YAY! You probably won’t know right away but you’ll KNOW when it matters that you’re in labor! Your body is super nice like that, giving you serious signs that a baby is on it’s way out.

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