A very angry letter to my blood sugar, you have been warned.

Alright you leech loving blood suckers that are my blood sugar levels – lets get one thing straight here. I do not like you. I do not like that you’re in my body, that you’re messing with me in any way. You are to me what Sam I Am is to Green Eggs and Ham. Effing annoying.
I’ve been reading about you and all your stupid suggestions since I found out you were invading me and let me just say – you totally suck. I know I’m not dieing, I do have perspective here, but I’d like to unleash my rage on something right now and since you’re the reason for it – you get it, you tasty little bitch.
Thats right. I said it and I meant it, wholeheartedly. I’ve got 4-letter words coming out of my ears for you. Not only do we not have maternity coverage for this pregnancy – and not only are you already expensive enough – but now I’m almost guaranteed to have more tests and expensive things done to me, all of which we have to pay in full for. I HATE YOU.
I also am disgusted with the fact that although this is in the cards for some people, for others it’s preventable and I can’t help but thinking – was this preventable for me? Did I do something wrong? I’m not one to second guess most things, I’m pretty laid back – easy going and Blood Sugar, tonight you’re messing with that and I have more than myself to let you know how stupid that is. Jessica, for one, would like to kick you in the butt and scream in your ear. I’m going to let her.
And Aaron – he’d like to have some peace and quiet after a long and hard day – and he’s pretty much going to be greeted by a pregnant monster overtaken with high levels of glucose who is crying because my damn wedding ring doesn’t fit any more.

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