Gestational Diabetes

Well suckity suck. I have gestational diabetes.

At my last doctors appointment they found too much sugar in my urine – and then after checking my blood they found that my sugar levels were too high. So I had to take the 3 hour glucose test, which happened this morning and by 5pm tonight I had a call from my doctor telling me I didn’t pass.

The good news is – this happened so late in the pregnancy that there’s no real concern for the baby or myself – just a need to regulate my blood sugar and a possibility of needing some insulin. I have to call tomorrow to make an appointment with the diabetes teaching team and learn how to do a few things, like check my blood sugar and the like.

I had to take the 3 hour test when I was pregnant with Jessica too, but I passed that one. I guess all that running after Jessica this pregnancy isn’t exercise enough. HA!

I’ll try to keep this site updated with the progress and information as I get it.

And I’ll be sure to write my blood sugar a love letter to let her know how appreciative I am of all her lazy-ass friends invading my body.

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