Babies in the belly

Tomorrow morning is the big day of the first apt for all this gestational diabetes stuff. It doesn’t feel like such a scary word anymore, I guess making me live with the knowledge for a week without doing a thing about it is … a good thing? Who knows. But either way, I’m excited to get some information tomorrow and hopefully one of these appointments I’ll find out how big they all really think this little guy is. Because, um … have you seen my profile? It’s a little ridiculous, I know.
When my grandparents were visiting here (for the week or so preceding Easter) my Grandma so lovingly told me that I wasn’t allowed to get bigger. (excuse me as I clear my throat for this one) Really. Thanks Granny. At 32 1/2 weeks pregnant I’m going to STOP EATING and hope that does the trick. I realize it’s been like 4 1/2 decades since she’s been pregnant – but it hasn’t been that long since she’s been face to face with tact, now has it? I love her, dearly and to death – but some times the things people think are ok to say to me really just make me want to slap them. With as much love as they delivered their token of affection my way.
But all is good. Now when someone tells me how UNBELIEVABLY HUGE I am I’ll just look at them and say – oh Thank you, I have the baby sugar blood, you know, that thing that MAKES YOU BIGGER and then I’ll maybe add this little gem – At least I know when my stomach will be flat again … ehum. (Read: SHUT UP!)
I’ll make that one a T-shirt. This is a good idea. I’ll sell it on Etsy to all the preggo’s out there living in the same water retained pain as me.
Today was a very awesome day in my book though, I had 4 of my friends who are all pregnant over this morning and we took some photos together. My mom has a similar picture like this of her lamaze class when one of my siblings was a baby and I’ve always thought that was the best thing ever. Feel free to draw the conclusion that I’ve been mental for longer than we all think, I know how that just sounded. But still. I’ve always wanted to do that, too, and today I got to.
There are quite a few other pregnant women I know right now also – it’s kind of exploding in our area and if I could figure out how to get them ALL together for a photo, I probably would. But I have a bake sale to do in a few weeks and baby to birth in a few more so I’m guessing all these ideas I keep having are just to keep me busy in the mean time, you know, because sitting still requires work.

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