Update on the gest. diabetes

My first doctors appointment having to do with gestational diabetes was this morning. I met with a diabetic specialist and it went really well.
Pretty much we talked about what Gestational Diabetes means for me, what it is and what it does – we went through a lot of literature and then she taught me how to operate my glucose monitor. I have to check my blood sugar 4 times a day – when I get up in the morning and then one hour after every meal. I also have to check my blood sugar if I’m feeling hyperglycemic … which lovingly enough I already had to do this afternoon. And that entails 2 additional blood sugar pokes to make sure my blood sugar is rising after I’ve had something to eat or drink that’s a fast acting insulin food … like orange juice or a few hard candies such as lifesavers.
I’m looking for diabetic friendly recipes so feel free to point me in that direction or share some from your recipe index with me. Nothing with sugar substitutes though, they are from the devil, I will not eat them.
A few of the not so fun things I heard today were that I’m at a pretty high risk of having type 2 diabetes ALREADY. They’re checking my blood often to see if they can determine this. I have a doctors appointment on Monday with my OB and I’m hoping to get some more insight as to why and what this all means. I failed the glucose tolerance test with such furvor that I guess we’re ruling everything out, which is good. But I hate to hear those words. I do not want to have type 2 Diabetes.
The only factor that even fits our bill of health with this pregnancy and my developing gestational diabetes is the miscarriage we had last May. Every other factor is a big ZERO on the ranking sheet. So hopefully the type-2 stuff is just that, stuff, talk, worries … nothing concrete.
I meet with a dietitian on Tuesday to plan my meals and really get into the nitty gritty of what to stay away from, etc – but for now I have some generalizations to work with. Fruit, which I love and eat often, is something I have to be careful with because of the natural sugars. I can’t have fruit in the morning or cereal, really – and this is going to be hard. But not too bad. I can do it. I can pretty much eat all the vegetables I want, which is awesome. I eat an entire bag of brussel sprouts for lunch some times – I love veggies. So thats good news.
Breads and things are good – I just have to watch quantity and type of flour/sugar content. And protein is my friend also. Thankfully, there’s also blood sugar management supplements like Glucofort that can help keep glucose levels consistent.

I’ll probably have to see my OB more often and also go into the hospital for Non-stress tests as frequent as once a week, where they monitor the baby’s movements and his heart rate. We might have another ultrasound, depending on how I measure to watch his size and all of this could result in (worse case scenario) delivering him before his due date or taking him by c-section. I might have to have that amniotic sac test to see if the baby’s lungs are developed also. All things we hope to find out on Monday and further doctor’s appointments.
So – lots of information, which is wonderful – and lots of things to watch for. I’m very healthy otherwise, which is a huge plus and all the people we’ve met with so far have been beyond helpful and wonderful. We’re feeling very at ease about all of this. Please pray for minimum complications and a healthy delivery. And also that I don’t have or will develop the Type-2 diabetes.

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  1. I am so glad I visited your blog today. I just found out that I failed the first test and now I have to do that 2-5 hour test on monday. I am 28 weeks preggo, so not as far along as you. But thanks for the info, now I know if I fail the test on Monday, I know what to expect. šŸ™‚
    Keeping you and the baby in my prayers. šŸ™‚

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