Here’s what we found out at the OB this morning:
I will have to have Non-stress tests, but in my OB’s office, not the hospital, which is lovely.
We’re having another ultrasound next week Monday – followed by another OB appointment.
I have to be on insulin, they were very surprised I wasn’t already seeing as how my OB ordered that I be on it starting last week when I met with the specialist, and I asked the specialist this question but she said I’d be sent back to her if insulin was needed, well duh.
Tomorrow I learn how to administer insulin (twice daily) and then I meet with the dietitian.
I am not high risk and neither is the baby – they’re very confident that once my blood sugars stabilize (with insulin) that this pregnancy will progress normally and healthily. THANK GOD.
I will not have to have the amniocentesis test done.
I’m 34 weeks pregnant and measuring at 37 weeks – they’re not worried about this because it’s a second pregnancy and my uterus has already been stretched out. They are watching his growth very carefully.
I’ll try to write something having absolutely nothing to do with blood sugar, insulin or diabetes next and I’m hoping to throw up another list of Etsy wonders soon. Lets take a little break from all this medical, pregnancy jargon.

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