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This is a post about my sister and how awesome she is. Just so you know right off the bat. It’s also a post about what she does and how I’m promoting her. Spend your money with her, you will not be sorry.
So … My sister, my older sister, Jill. She is an amazing decorator. She has not finished school for decorating, unless you want to count living with my mom as an education in room placement, color choice and all around budget wise decorating. She’s also good at non-budget decorating, it’s fun to spend lots of money.
Here’s the deal – what she can do for you or someone you know:
She loves to do the work, not only picking out the paint color but putting that paint color on your wall – she loves to be involved in the whole project but is wonderful and handing off the responsibilities to contractors or you, the homeowner, if you prefer.
She has experience – she’s completely redone her condo (photos coming soon) as well as helped numerous times in my own home and other relatives’ homes.
She’s looking to beef up her portfolio and for right now her rates are super low because of this.
Also – if you’re trying to sell your house – she’ll stage it for you to speed up that process (this is a flat rate charge). She’ll do idea concept boards for you, work off a magazine cut out you’re in love with or a piece of furniture you can’t live without – her mind is beyond qualified for this creative stuff, it’s amazing.
SO!!! Help her build her portfolio or pass on this info to someone who’s in need of a little decorating emergency, help or all out makeover. For right now you can contact her through me – we’re getting a website up for her and that information will be available here as it happens.
j.noelle designs
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