Worth it moments to remember

My list of “Worth It Moments”:
– The smell of rain in Nigeria being carried through our front porch with gusts of wind.
– Riding the zip-line above the canopy of the rain forest in Costa Rica.
– Our first slow dance as a married couple at our reception – the tenderness and attentiveness of the man I married full on publicly declaring that ‘he’ was now a ‘we’.
– That same tenderness and attentiveness he gave me as I gave birth to our daughter – and then seeing him bathe that love and affection on her immediately.
– Seeing my daughter right after she was born and thinking – God, she’s beautiful.
– Staying in a castle converted to a hostel in Germany and waking up to see a vineyard out our window
– Jumping hay bales in my Grandpa’s barn in Washington
– Feeding the baby kittens and baby calves with bottles
– Holding my very own puppy for the first time
– Not bringing my blanket on our honeymoon (and Aaron not bringing his computer)
– My last slow dance with my dad before he died, danced to Butterfly Kisses, same song he walked me down the aisle to on my wedding day.
– Piking ripe tomatoes from my very own garden
– Hearing Jessica’s first noises thinking how quiet and sweet it sounded and then falling in love with the sound of her raspy baby voice as she began to cry
– Knowing what a mother bear feels like when something else passes a smell onto her cubs that isn’t her own – furious with the injustice of smell
– Every single flower Aaron has ever given me – wild, bought or picked. Each one holding tradition to memory and marking great (some times small) events in our life together. The fact that every year he remembers and orders me my favorite flower the week they bloom.
– Eating turkey sandwiches with my best friend Stephanie in Peru after spending the day in the ocean. Best meal, ever.
– Helping some road side butchers cut up a lamb in Azerbijan and then delivering them photos of the event
– Trying a pomegranate for the first time in an open market – the vendor hand picked, cut and served us the delicious seeds
– Learning how to sew
– Buying my first bra after my surgery – a breast reduction. For the first time in my life I owned something pretty for no one but me to see
– Having my first roll of film developed
– Eating lobster in Maine in the motor home with my parents, drinking a wine cooler (under age) and laughing
– “Nit-Noff”
– Catching fireflies in mason jars for my night light during the summer
– Ugly crying in front of Aaron for the first time without being worried that I looked horrific and realizing it didn’t matter any way – he was holding me regardless.
– The day freedom came from the past
– Wine tasting tour with friends at Fenn Valley – summer 2007
– Receiving our first pay check signed by ourselves
– Waking up on Mothers Day to hand made cards from Aaron and Jessica – and breakfast in bed

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