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Ultrasound this morning was good – we’ve got a chubby baby already – he’s 6 pounds and 14 ounces at 35 weeks pregnant. Thats a doozy. But everything is healthy – the level of amniotic fluid is good, a little more than normal – but to be expected with the friggen gestational diabetes. He’s healthy otherwise, all organs look good, heart beat is great – his belly is measuring off the charts (which is where all the extra glucose I’m making is going on him – so he’s belly is nice and round – and we mean round).
Check out the ultrasound photos.
This afternoon I’m back in the doctors office for a Non-stress test – and I’ll be doing those twice a week from now on, every Monday and Thur. Also I’ll be seeing my OB every Monday following the non-stress test. So it’s getting busy over here. We don’t want the baby to get bigger than 10 pounds because then we get into the discussion of c-sections and or a vaginal delivery that might break the babies shoulders and such because of his size. So pray for that. They didn’t change my due date at all – but the goal is to make it 4 more weeks and if my cervix is starting to do it’s job they’ll most likely induce me at that time.
I’m done with this, now. I’d really like all of this to stop. However, thats not going to happen so I’m bucking up and dealing with it. It’s overwhelming.
But the baby is healthy so thats the best news!!! Still no name, we know. We know! We can’t decide. We’re pretty much not talking about it any more because it’s just easier. As of now this kid has a middle name and a last name – but no first name. And no, we’re not lying. We cannot make up our minds and when we think we have we change our minds the next day – so stop asking. We do not know, we don’t know, have no idea, do not know. You’ll know when we do, in about 4 weeks time šŸ™‚

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  1. i’ve never been pregnant before, but 6 pounds sounds like a painful birth experience, 10 sounds even worse. I’m just going to pray that the baby stays on the smaller side. if he does reach 10 lbs, i’m just going to come to the hospital with some special lemonade for you šŸ˜‰

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