This is what happens when Jessica and I have the day to spend at home. With no appointments (until this afternoon at least) – I remember I have a website and then I think of ALL. THE. THINGS. I. WANT. TO. TELL. YOU. ABOUT.
So – in this, the third post of the day, I’d like to talk about my love of coupons. No, really.
Coupons turn me on a little bit. Kinda like shopping a sale and saving more than I spent or the word Sale, period. I get a little red hot in the cheeks and start thinking of ways to save. It’s a sickness, I know.
I never used to clip coupons to grocery shop mostly because we didn’t start getting the newspaper until last fall, but also because I didn’t want to. I shopped the sales of the store and had a generous grocery budget – so I just went with it. We still have a generous grocery budget but now it’s a game I like to play, albeit – alone – with myself and the coupons, but it gets my blood going so be nice. Now I clip coupons, hunt for them online, shop the mega sales and have learned what and where the good prices are and how to obtain them. Also – I’ve learned to watch the scanner as my groceries are being rung up because – surprisingly – the stores miss a lot of the advertised sales in their computer processing … er, so they say. Really they’re just jipping us. But I’ve learned.
In my area I shop Meijer for produce, period. I’ve tried to shop Walmart for produce and am always disappointed. Always. And Family Fare rapes your wallet for produce so I don’t indulge them. But I shop Walmart for my everyday groceries and staples – and then between Meijer and Family Fare I pick up the really good sales, use my coupons (at Walmart also) and get a high off the cents adding up at the end of the day with savings. So much so that if I forgot a coupon at home – I go back to the store with my receipt to redeem it. And I always watch the adds – if there’s a better advertised price for something I bought the week before, I bring in my receipt for an adjustment.
I actually made Aaron do this last night – he was a little less than happy with me that I was sending him to the store to get $2.60 back in cash for coupons – but like I said, it adds up and it adds up fast. He came home a happy camper. And he’s glad I take care of this so he doesn’t have to think about it. But still, I’m pretty sure he thinks I’m off my rocker some times. Which makes our life together really interesting, so I wouldn’t change a thing.
Here’s some of the tips and useful information I’ve found in my area – We drink and use Rice Milk in our house and it’s more than $2 cheaper at a larger quantity (carton) when bought at Walmart. Also – those nifty little Crystal Light packets you can add to your water? $2 cheaper at Walmart. Astonishing, really. Most things add up like this when shopping at Walmart – which is a crock and totally unforgiving because Walmart is a whore – but a very pretty whore who saves me lots of money and I just can’t argue with a pretty-money-saving-whore. Can you? Well, I’m sure you can. But I’m a stay at home mom – with one income in our house and a budget. I’ll take the whore.
Mac-n-cheese, a staple for most 3 year olds – mine for sure – is 38 cents per box at Walmart, with more grams than any other brand and it starts at 55 cents or more at other stores – ON SALE.
Eggs and cheese are big savers too – unless there’s a great 10 for $10 sale going on or buy 1 get 2 free. Then we seriously stock up and freeze loads of cheese for a good couple months. Bread is the same way. And for meat – we either buy 1/2 a pig or cow or stock up when the pork roast is on sale and have the meat counter cut it (for free) so we have pork steaks. Last time we did this we got more than 20 pork steaks for less than $10. Good. Deal.
And I’m stopping here because my blood sugar is low and talking about food isn’t helping. Please let us know your tips and suggestions or good coupon sites/must haves in the comments! We love community!! (By WE, you all know I’m talking about ME, right?)

4 thoughts on “Coupons

  1. I am soooo a coupon junkie myself. So far I’ve saved over $175.00 in the last 3 weeks! Yay me!!!
    I actually just put a post on my blog last week about my favorite coupon sites. Here mine are:
    and I had a couple more but I can’t think of the addresses of the top of my head. I’d look them up, but hey, I’m being lazy and I’m trying to pull paper clips out of my kids mouth!
    My husband to thinks I’m off my rocker too, especially when I get home from shopping and play the “guess how much I paid for this” game, but when I told him that I’ve saved over 47% so far on this months groceries, he’s totally ok with me being slightly nuts!

  2. Donielle –
    I saw that post on your website and am trying to use the site now šŸ™‚ Love it! Thanks so much!!!
    I know – the “Guess how much I spent” game is fun, for me … Aaron of course thinks I don’t get out enough. Which, really – I don’t – but thats ok.
    haha šŸ™‚

  3. This week my game was even more fun, cause when he guessed I got to say “Nope! They PAID me 5$ to take them off their shelves!”
    Who’d a thunk I’d ever be getting my jollies from shopping with coupons?!?
    Me and the nut finally got out for the first time this spring! whoo hoo! The zoo’s only 3.50 for adults until May 16. Of course it is all mainly uphill. Being pregnant may not make it so fun. Or, it could just put you into labor šŸ™‚

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