Rare form

I’m in rare form right now. So I’m trying to decide, do I write? Or do I take a bath? I know a few people who would vote that I write, but I might offend someone and although that doesn’t really bother me too much – it bothers me a little and I still care that people think I would be ok if left alone in a room with their children.
Uh huh. That form of rare, tonight. The ‘End of pregnancy if you touch me I’ll scream’ form. Mixed with the ‘Why aren’t you touching me, aren’t I attractive to you?!’ form. Which, unfortunately is mixed with the ‘HOLY HELL IF YOU KEEP TALKING TO ME FOR ONE MORE MINUTE I WILL SO LOSE MY MIND’ form. Please, feel bad for Aaron and Jessica. I’m not mad – I’m just … annoyed. At everything.
And tact? Well, huh. That’s a funny word, first of all – tact. Tact. I have none. Right now if you asked me a point blank question that maybe would need to be considered “sensitive” I would give you a point blank answer with no sensitivity whatsoever.
So if you ask me if you look fat and you’re anorexic – I will tell you that yes you are fat and if you ask me to validate you one more time through a shallow compliment that you went fishing for I will just have to tell everyone how gross you really look in that bathing suit. Bones are for skeletons, but whatever. If it floats your boat – stop trying to sink mine!
Ok this feels good – lets keep going. Therapy. I may need some tomorrow. Oh – also – I stopped taking my meds for the depression about a month ago – I wanted to wean off them before the baby was born so he wouldn’t go through withdraws – and then all this gestational diabetes stuff happened and I thought to myself – ‘Self, goodness. This poor kid just wants to develop and here you are feeding him sugar non-stop because Pancreas is a lazy bitch and trace amounts of anti-depressant … something here has to give sooner than later.’
It’s actually been ok with out them … but we all might change our minds about that statement at the end of this post. Lati-da!
Which I think is now, because – well, because.

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